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AX063 Electric Smart Door Lock With Access Control


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Product details

  • The best electric locker suitable for large building gates, works with Axis Control
  • Features of electric lock
  • Very strong metal material.
  •  It is impossible to breach the lock security system.
  • Access control system, internal and external, where the user can control entry and exit through the RFID cards used for elevators.
  • Using the same elevator card, you can open an electric locker, after making the necessary programming, the elevator cards or blades.
  • Very easy to program, as there is a master card for programming that is passed first, then the card or code is passed in front of the sensor, then the main card is passed again to end the programming mode.
  • An electric lock system with a remote control to fully control the programming where you can, through the remote control, cancel the programming of some unwanted cards to use.
  • An electric locking system for the safest and easiest to use building entrances
  • You can also, through the remote control of the electric lock system with Access lock, delete all the cards registered on the system.
  • The locking system consists of two pieces that are installed on the moving door and another piece is installed on the fixed door.
  • Electric locking systems also works with the normal key.
  • It is opened from the inside and the outside with the regular cards or blades used in the elevators.
  • You can open the door through the external intercom or through the intercom speaker installed inside the apartment.
  • Electrical locking system, very, very safe for the entrances of large, medium and small residential buildings.
  • Lock electrical security system is very difficult to penetrate.


Specifications KEY FEATURES

  • Controls are up to 2000 cards, 2000 proximity pads and 2000 remote controls
  • The remote range reaches 50 meters
  • Changing lighting to indicate the condition of the calon between opening and closing.
  • Card Capacity: 2000 Power Supply: 12V / 350mAh
  • Reading card distance: 0-6cm
  • Unlock time lock: (key, remote control, knob, ID card)
  • Card frequency: 125KHz RFID
  • Working temperature: -40 to 60 degrees
  • Suitable for door type: wooden door, iron door, anti-theft door
  • Lock tongue length:> 20mm
  • Automatically locked: about 8 seconds
  • Weight: 1.25 kg

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 7 cm


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