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C1T Smart Home Camera

A watchful eye on your home.

Keep continuous watch over your home and keep hold of what you care most about with the EZVIZ C1T Indoor Camera. 1080p high-definition video and enhanced night vision make sure you never miss a thing.

1080p high-definition video.

This camera captures 1080p high-definition videos and pictures, recording every moment with sharp clarity.

Records only when you need it.

“With one tap of the EZVIZ App on your mobile device, you can enable C1T‘s sleep mode. Pause real-time viewing and recording whenever you need the privacy. ”

User-friendly audio alerts.

This C1T camera also comes with three audio alert modes for motion detection – silent, short beep, and siren. Want to hear your visitors while you are in another room? Set the camera on siren mode so you will hear the alert loud and clear.

Instant motion notifications.

“Know everything that‘s going on in your house while you’re away. You can receive instant notifications whenever the C1T detects any motion, then easily check details via the EZVIZ App.”

Real-time conversation.

Like an ordinary phone call, talk to your family or pets at home wherever you are via the EZVIZ App.

Super vision, even at night.

“Get round-the-clock protection with the C1T. This camera lets you see what’s happening clearly with a range of up to 12 meters (39.6 ft.) even at night.”

Easy to set up and use.

Set up the camera in only a few minutes. Just plug in the camera, connect it to Wi-Fi, and follow the guidance prompts on the EZVIZ App.


We protect your data and privacy.

Protecting your data and privacy is our highest priority. Data transmission between the device and the EZVIZ Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data.

Multiple storage options.

With multiple different storage options, you can choose where to save your recordings. The C1T camera can even save data in two locations at the same time for added backup in case the camera is damaged or your network crashes.

Supports MicroSD Card

Encrypted Cloud Storage*

*Cloud storage service is only available in certain markets. Please verify the availability before making any purchase.

Security at your fingertips.

With the EZVIZ App, you can capture, save, protect, and share what’s valuable to you.

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